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Abdominal Open & Closure Trainer for Basic Skills Workshop

Model #: OCS407


Abdominal wall pad for teaching all surgical access and closure techniques to the abdomen.


  • Incision through abdominal wall
  • Introduction of instruments
  • Flushing of the cavity


  • It is easy to maintain, requiring only a set of balloons and a set of skins *
  • Up to 3-4 good incisions can be made from each set of two skins with the balloons supplied *
  • The skins are made from different colored single-sided Neoprene that cuts and sutures well.*
  • Included with the kit is a balloon sizer to optimize the best usage. There are also internal planes within the tub to prevent the balloon from moving around *
  • Rubber suction feet on the base are provided for working on slippery surfaces (although these can be removed) *
  • To remove the lid, simply press with thumbs on opposite corners and the lid will pop off

Parts & Accesories

Replacement Skin Pad

Model #: OCS408

Replacement Skin Pad

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