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Breast Cancer Examination Trainer

Model #: BCT100


The Breast Cancer Examination Trainer is unique in its approach to gaining critical skills in diagnosis and palpation. The skin is soft and realistic, and presents in a life-sized frame which combines modularity and practicality.

The Breast Cancer Examination Trainer is a complete breast with 4 identifiable variants.


  • Diagnosis of cancer and palpation
  • Ultrasound


  • 4 identifiable anatomical variants
    • Fluid filled cyst for aspiration and palpation
    • 2 palpable lumps (approx. 1 cm and 1.5 cm diameter)
  • Modular design
    • Skin detaches from mammary muscle
    • Replaceable cysts
  • Uses new patented material
    • Exceptionally realistic tactile feel
  • Easy to keep clean
    • Simply wash in warm water and dab dry
    • Talc before use
  • Compatiable with ultrasound
  • Cyst Aspiration


  • Breast
  • Base

Parts & Accesories

Replacement Cysts 3x Fluid Filled

Model #: BCT101

3x Fluid Filled Cysts


Replacement Outer Skin

Model #: BCT102

Mammary Muscle

Model #: BCT104

Replacement Breast Lumps Only

Model #: BCT105

Fluid for Cysts

Model #: BCT106
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