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Strap-On-Pad Trainer - Minor Surgery Skin Pads for Basic Surgical Skills

Model #: SOT100


The Strap-on-Pad concept allows the trainee to perfect effective interactive communication skills. These new pads were developed to make minor surgical workshops more interactive, be it table-top or strap-on.


  • Cut out a cyst or lipoma
  • Making and eliptical incision
  • Making a sharp or blunt dissections
  • Managing a burst cyst
  • Removal of cyst or lipoma
  • Wound closure


  • Choose either strap-on or table-top
  • Enables interactive communication between students and patients


  • Strap-On-Trainer
  • Suture pad
  • Lipoma pad
  • Sebacious cyst
  • Jig
  • Strap

Parts & Accesories

Suture Pad

Model #: SOT101

Lipoma Pad

Model #: SOT102

Sebacious Cyst

Model #: SOT103

Jig Only

Model #: SOT104

Replacement Strap

Model #: SOT105
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