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Hysteroscopy Simulator

Model #: S607


The most realistic hysteroscopy simulator available! A full size female adult lower torso with a foam-backed soft outer skin simulated the feel of the anterior pelvic wall.


  • Camera manipulation
  • Identify internal polyposis, fibroids, abnormal and normal uteri


  • Full size adult lower torso with removable lower skin
  • Seven uteri including normal control uterus with healthy internal and external appearance
  • Internal anatomic artwork of normal and abnormal uteri
  • Internal representation of endometrial polyposis, fibroids, early and advanced carcinoma of the endometrium, torsion of sloughing fibroid, and carcinoma of the fundus
  • External representation of normal and abnormal uteri
  • Palpation of normal and abnormal uteri
  • Normal cervix and interchangeable uteri with patented "screw" design


  • Full size female lower torso
  • 7 uteri
  • Carry bag
  • Instruction manual
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