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Right Mediolateral Suture Simulator

Model #: LF00693U


These new and improved Life/form® Episiotomy Suturing Simulators
provide a realistic way for students to learn good surgical techniques.
The simulator provides students with a variety of repair experiences
without the constraint of time and concern for safety, which are factors
with a live patient. The simulator can be used by the student in a
learning lab with an instructor, or by the student individually in the
clinical setting just prior to a patient experience. It is also useful
as a homework teaching aid that can be signed out at night and returned
the next day. In addition to being portable, the lifelike texture allows
the learner to develop a “feel” for instrument handling, tension on
suture, and the advantages of one method of tying knots over another.
Includes an instruction booklet and is individually boxed. Three-year



  • Episiotomy Suturing Technique
  • Repetitive Practice


1 Episiotomy Suturing Simulator

Parts & Accesories

Right Mediolateral Suture Simulator

Model #: LF00693U

Now with new lifelike skin for the most realistic suturing practice!


Manuals & Training

LF00691.pdf (689.83 KB)
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