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Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit

Model #: 620


NEW treme Trauma Wound Kit contains (12) lifelike look and feel wounds plus all the accessories you need for preparing your victims for training.

Wounds can be used on manikins or humans. Many of the wounds can be made to bleed. Wounds are easily cleaned and can be reused many times. Wounds include face, lower arm, chest, eyes, hands, legs, ankle, etc.



  • Bleeding open wrist fracture
  • Bleeding open rib fracture
  • Half-face chemical burn
  • Right hand 4th degree chemical burn
  • Dorsal hand 4th degree chemical burn
  • Bleeding open humerus fracture
  • Bleeding exposed denture avulsion
  • Bleeding open skull fracture
  • Burned face
  • Bleeding skin laceration
  • Bleeding major muscle laceration
  • Bleeding open ankle dislocation

Makeup & Accessories

  • Tongue depressor / spatula combo
  • Red grease paint
  • White grease paint
  • Brown grease paint
  • Blue grease paint
  • Casualty simulation wax
  • 3 Blood powder packages for 1 gallon blood
  • Coagulant blood
  • Methyl cellulose for blood
  • Broken glass
  • 3 spirit gum with applicator
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