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Advanced Four-Vein Venipuncture Training Aid

Model #: 2365


New and improved, Advanced Venipuncture Training Aid™ still features four barely discernible blue veins in three different sizes, with the fourth vein deeply placed, all within our proprietary latex-free Dermalike™ for a realistic training scenario just like accessing a real patient! As the IV catheter enters the vein, a realistic “flashback” of simulated blood confirms proper needle placement, helping build hand-eye coordination, confidence, and improving competency, while insuring your patient’s safety.



  • IV Injection


  • Easier, larger veins to the more difficult, smaller veins
  • Four barely discernable blue veins in 3 different diameters
  • Forth vein deeply placed in a semi-transparent, tissue-like material
  • "Pop" is felt as the needle enters the vein, followed by a realistic "flashback" of simulated blood confirming the proper needle placement
  • Leak resistant



Parts & Accesories

Optional Carry Case

Model #: 0385

Simulated Blood Bag

Model #: 2367
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