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Venipuncture Training Aid

Starting at $96.00
Model #: Multiple


  • A unique training aid permits the realistic practice of venipuncture techniques as well as being a excellent model to practice the mechanics of the new "no stick" I.V. access devices. The model displays blue veins, which are barely discernable through a semi-transparent, tissue-like material. When accessing, the skin rolls as you palpate the vein and a "pop" is felt as the needle enters the vein. Proper placement is confirmed by drawing back on the syringe . If resistance is experienced, the tip has either not been advanced far enough or advanced too far.  The model enables the user to improve competency and technique by progressing from the easier, larger veins to the more difficult, smaller veins. This cost effective, lightweight, easily transportable and non-staining model is a alternative to the bulky, heavier and more expensive models.

Product Options:

  • 1352 - 2-Vein Venipuncture Training Aid - $96.00
  • 1354 - 4-Vein Venipuncture Training Aid - $138.00



  • IV Insertion
  • IV Placement


  • New "no stick" I.V. access devices
  • Displays blue veins
  • A "pop" is felt as the needle enters the vein


  • Injection pad
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