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Peter PICC Line™

Model #: 0600


The only available teaching model which permits the practice of placing Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Lines (PICC Lines). The rapid acceptance and use of PICC Lines creates a need to be able to properly teach this procedure.

6 Month Warranty


  • Palpable ribs permit practice in measuring proper catheter length
  • Permits the measurement of catheter length outside of the body
  • Confirmation of proper placement by viewing the distal tip of the catheter in the viewable superior vena cava
  • Standard IV catheter placement is also possible
  • Replaceable, barely translucent arm skin allows visualization of underlying veins
  • Central Venous Cannulation


  • Peter PICC LineTM allows both the teaching and assessment of this insertion technique
  • Portable, lightweight teaching model features anatomically correct cephalic, basilic, median basilic, jugular, subclavian, and superior vena cava, plus
  • Movable chin that simulates the occlusion of the jugular to prevent the PICC Line from taking this path


  • Peter PICC LineTM Trainer
  • Soft Carrying Case

Parts & Accesories

Arm Vein Tubing

Model #: 0601

Body Vein Tubing

Model #: 0602

Arm Skin Replacement

Model #: 0603

Body Skin Replacement

Model #: 0604

Carrying Case

Model #: 0605

Rib Replacement

Model #: 0606

Muscle Tissue

Model #: 0607

Manuals & Training

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