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CLS Hemostatic Agents Simulated Tissue Trainer

Model #: CLS-100.01

Introducing the CLS HemaSTaT

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The CLS HemaSTaT training system is designed to train and evaluate
the skills used for the control of blood loss with non-extremity and
non-compressible hemorrhage. The CLS HemaSTaT training system consists of all
the elements needed to achieve competence in the use of hemostatic gauze and is
the only system available to economically provide a valid hands-on interactive


  • Hemorrhage control
  • Use of hemostatic agents
  • Wound packing
  • Blotting or sweeping to find the point of bleeding
  • Maintaining pressure to control bleeding
  • Application of pressure dressing
  • Verification of treatment success


  • Realistic
  • Low Cost
  • Contains reactive simulated blood
  • Works with SimFactor Hemostatic Gauze
  • Adaptable to either granular and bandage based hemostatic agents
  • Hands-on repetitive practice
  • Reusable for multiple trainings


  • Wearable backpack and pressurization system
    • Pump system
    • Blood bag
    • Pressure bag
    • Tubing and fittings
  • Wearable hip wound in spandex shorts for manikins or actors
  • SimFactor Mock Blood and Clotting Agents Kit (Sim-100)
    • 4 quart packages of SimFactor Mock Blood
    • Clotting agent
    • Dispenser bottle for SimFactor Blood
    • Spray bottle for clotting agent
  • SimFactor Hemostatic Gauze - 24 packs (Sim-300)

Parts & Accesories

Full-Body CPR / Trauma Manikin

Full-Body CPR / Trauma Manikin

Model #: 2700

This rescue/CPR manikin replicates a wide range of real trauma conditions that are likely to confront the rescuer.


SimFactor® Mock Blood and Clotting Agent Kit

Model #: Sim-100

NEW SimFactor® Mock Blood and Clotting Agent Kit  is a simulated blood with a unique clotting abilities. This blood will allow you to create realistic blood clots for moulage and training scenarios. ***Non-staninig simulated blood***


SimFactor® Mock Blood

Model #: Sim-101
SimFactor® Clotting Agent

SimFactor® Clotting Agent

Model #: Sim-200

SimFactor Hemostatic Gauze

Model #: Sim-300

SimFactor Drill Mixer

Model #: Sim-400
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