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Nita Newborn

Model #: 1800


A unique, anatomically correct representation of a 4 lb., 16" female baby developed to teach and practice the vascular accessing of newborns and infants. An invaluable teaching aid.


  • Accessing
  • Securing
  • Dressing
  • Site Care
  • Maintenance for Venipunture
  • Central Catheters
  • PICC Lines
  • Umbilical Catheters


  • Practice blood withdrawal, fluid infusion, and heparinization with all veins
  • Lifelike umbilicus allows repeated catheterization of the umbilical vein, with proper placement verified by a blood return
  • An umbilical tape can be tied around the umbilicus to secure the catheter
  • Nasal and oral openings allow placement of nasal canulas, as well as endotracheal, nasogastric, and feeding tubes to teach suctioning, securing, dressing, cleansing, care, and maintenance
  • When accessing, the skin rolls as you palpate the vein and a "pop" is felt as the needle enters
  • Vein size and wall thickness provide the realistic feel and appearance of a newborn
  • Simulated, translucent skin allows visualization of the underlying blue veins
  • Veins may be accessed repeatedly with a small gauge needle


  • Flexible body
  • Fluid bag with attached tubing
  • Simulated blood
  • Diaper
  • Soft carrying case

Parts & Accesories

Replacement Umbilicus

Model #: 0804

Right Arm Skin

Model #: 0806

Left Arm Skin

Model #: 0807

Leg Skin

Model #: 0808

Head Skin

Model #: 0809

Carrying Case

Model #: 0875
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