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Simple Susie Patient Care Simulator without Ostomy

Model #: S206


Simple Susie® offers training in a variety of clinical procedures to both nurses and other health care professionals. Intestinal lavage can be simulated. Comes without internal tanks. The joints are strong and movements lifelike, even to the extent of permitting pronation and supination of the forearm. Made from the highest quality vinyl plastic with a high degree of resistance to wear and tear. The surface is smooth, impervious to water, oils, and liniments.


  • Male and Female catheterization
  • Bathing and bandaging
  • Intramuscular injection in arm and buttock
  • Ear canal for optic drops and irrigation
  • Ophthalmic exercises
  • Oral hygiene


  • Full size adult manikin
  • Soft realistic face skin
  • Stylish wig for haircare exercises and surgical draping
  • Movable jaw with tongue
  • Removable upper and lower dentures for oral hygiene
  • Realistic eyes in eye-sockets for ophthalmic exercises
  • Ear canal for otic drops and irrigation
  • Bends at waist as in human
  • 360 degree intramuscular injection site in right and left upper arms
  • Intramuscular injection site in buttock
  • Realistic vagina and cervix
  • Soft, realistic hands, feet, fingers, and toes
  • Bathing and bandaging activity
  • Detachable and removable internal tanks
  • Modular tricuspid valve permits male and female catheterization with soft silicone catheters
  • Available in light, medium, or dark tones


  • 1 full size adult manikin
  • Instruction manual

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