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Super Chloe Patient Care Simulator

Model #: S222.100


A fully articulating patient care simulator with airway management features, breast examination, heart & lung sounds, blood pressure training, gynecologic examination and more.


  • Airway management
  • Breast examination
  • Heart & lung sounds
  • Blood pressure
  • Gynecological examination
  • Enema administration
  • Male & Female catheterization
  • Colostomy, ileostomy, and suprapubic care/irrigation
  • Intramuscular and intradermal injection
  • IV insertion


General Care

  • Fully articulating
  • Stylish wig for haircare exercises and surgical draping
  • Eyes in eye-sockets for ophthalmic exercises
  • Ear canal for otic drops and irrigation
  • Injection arm for IV< IM< Sub Q and intradermal exercises
  • Pass NG and OG tubes
  • Practice colostomy, ileostomy, and suprapubic care and irrigation
  • Bilateral IM sites, arms and legs
  • Interchangeable male & female genitalia for catheterization
  • Enema administration
  • Decubitus ulcers
  • Ulcerated foot

Airway Management

  • Soft lifelike airway with realistic tongue, trachea, and epiglottis
  • BVM with realistic chest rise
  • Practice oral/nasal intubation
  • Perform tracheal suctioning
  • Pass NP and OP tubes

Breast Examination

  • 7 interchangeable breasts for palpation and examination
    • chronic mastitis
    • benign growth
    • carcinoma
    • orange skin effect
    • giant sarcoma
    • scirrhous carcinoma
    • lymphatic drainage system
    • movement of the mammary gland

Heart & Lung Sounds

  • Sensor network hidden beneath the skin
  • Hear the appropriate heart or lung sounds as bell of stethoscope is moved across the front or the back of the torso
  • Virtual Stethoscope with multiple heart and lung sounds
  • External speakers plug into stethoscope

Blood Pressure Training Arm

  • Adjustable systolic and diastolic pressures
  • Adjustable auscultation gap
  • Adjustable pulse rate
  • Display tracks cuff pressure

Gynecologic Examination

  • Vaginal douching and Pap smear exercises
  • Bi-manual pelvic examination
  • Palpation of normal and pregnant uteri
  • Vaginal examination, including insertion of speculum
  • Visual recognition of normal and abnormal cervices
  • Uterine sounding


  • Full size adult manikin
  • Male and female genitalia
  • 7 interchangeable breasts for palpation
  • Virtual Stethoscope
  • Blood pressure training arm with cuff

Parts & Accesories

Deltoid Incision

Model #: S266.1

Chest Incision

Model #: S266.2

Abdominal Incision

Model #: S266.3

Carry Bag

Model #: S269
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